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Support to Professionals

Want to learn more about integrating grief counseling into your work?

I love talking with other professionals and sharing knowledge in the field.  I am a very collaborative provider and am happy to give consultation to you as a professional.  Or if you are a master's level/LPCC looking for a supervisor, I completed the required LPC Supervisor Training with CCA and am taking on new supervisees. Please contact me to discuss your needs as you pursue your license to see if we might be a good team!

Here are some "freebies" to start with:

Grief Work 101 Presentation

Books About Grief List

Activities For Grief

A couple videos online that have been helpful:

Nora McInerny

Megan Devine

And a couple websites that have some other great, helpful information:

Center for Loss & Life Transitions

Please contact me to "talk shop", for more information and resources!

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