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COVID-19 Precautions

As of 2023, COVID has been determined to be a "low-risk" in the community, though precautions including masks being worn in public (especially if you are feeling any symptoms of illness) and hand-washing are encouraged. DORA, the entity that oversees my license, has not yet updated mandates for mental health providers. Subsequently, I still take precautions at this time including that I will wear my mask throughout any in-person sessions and leave it to each client to decide if they would like to wear a mask. I primarily have telehealth appointments at this time to continue serving the demand for virtual sessions, and I do work in-office one day a week to offer in-person sessions on a first-come-first-serve basis for those who prefer or need in-person sessions. Please discuss with me directly about your personal scheduling needs and requests. I will always work to maintain safety for all and abiding by public health guidelines for local, state and federal health and safety orders.

For in-person meetings you agree to the following:

  • If you have any fever, cough, or other symptoms, please do not come in for sessions, stay home and isolate per CDC guidelines.  I cannot see you in-person if you are experiencing any symptoms until the symptoms have passed.

  • If you have been exposed to COVID, please notify me immediately so that appropriate safety measures can be taken including to discuss Telehealth options with me if you haven’t already.  If you’ve been exposed, we cannot meet in-person until you have a negative COVID test result.

  • If you have been diagnosed positive with COVID-19, please notify me immediately so that appropriate safety measures can be taken. We cannot meet in-person until you have clearance from a medical provider that you have been successfully treated.

  • As mentioned in the Disclosure Statement, there is a cancellation policy that the full session fee will be charged when a client misses or cancels an appointment without giving 24-hours advanced notice.  In the event of serious illness, specific to COVID-19, this fee is waved as long as contact is made.  Please contact me ASAP so that I can adapt my schedule and so that no fee will be applied.  If you do not show for a scheduled appointment without making contact, I will ask you to pay for your session time as booked.

  • If there is a health concern and you arrive to the office, I have the right to send anyone home/refuse a session for safety/health reasons.

  • All touched surfaces will be disinfected between client visits.

  • Please wash hands thoroughly before the start of your appointment.  I will wash my hands thoroughly between each client appointment.  Hand sanitizer will be available in the office.

These requirements are for the health and safety of everyone, and to allow the continued operation of services.  As more information is available or if there are any changes that arise, I will be sure to provide you with updates as I am able.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me to discuss, either by phone, text or email. (, 720-619-1058)


Additional information:

I typically have appointments available on Tuesday afternoons, Thursdays, Friday mornings and Saturdays.  Virtual/Telehealth appointments are available with some additional flexibility on days.  All appointments are on a "first come first served basis".

For Telehealth appointments, please review the "Telehealth Consent Form" for more information about this option and feel free to ask me any questions.

Be gentle with yourself, it’s been very hard in these uncertain times.

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