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Grief Counseling in Colorado

Sometimes life can be painful,

but you don't have to figure it out alone.


You want to talk about your loss, but no one gets it.  You've heard all the standard clichés - "they're in a better place," "everything happens for a reason," "just remember happy things."  And even the inconceivable statements like "move on" and "get over it."  But what about your pain? Your anger and irritability? Your loss of normalcy, motivation, or your identity? You want to be seen, heard and understood, but don't know how to express your grief to the people in your life.


Grief is a normal, healthy reaction to loss, and grief is experienced in so many ways!  I specialize in grief counseling, and will hold a safe space for all aspects of your grief.

We will start by learning about each other, discuss your goals and the experiences you've had in your life and in your grief.


I work primarily with adults in navigating life after loss (death-loss or other losses), I also have training to work with kids and teens.  I will assist you in processing and coping, and finding healing, growth and connection.  Grief is a process worth tending to with intentionality.

And being a former "theatre kid" we will also have laughter and sarcasm as part of our discussions (grief counseling isn't solely serious business!). Laughter can be a really important part of the human connection, and helps us "come up for air" with regards to our grief.

While it can feel hard to work around a busy schedule, with my flexible scheduling options including evenings, Saturdays, and virtual Telehealth appointments, we will find the right fit for your needs.  

Please note that I am not taking new clients at this time, but please feel free to Contact Me to receive resources or referrals.

Allison C. Gary - Therapist


I am Allison Gary, a Grief Therapist in Denver, licensed in the state of Colorado.  There is more information about me and my story on my About page, but in short:  I have my own personal, lengthy grief story which is a big part of how I found myself in this profession, I completed my Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and additional training, coursework, and supervision to specialize in grief counseling specifically.  I am dedicated to supporting individuals so that their grief can be shared, explored, experienced, and integrated into life moving forward while not losing the connections and memories that are meaningful. 


I work with diverse, multicultural populations, I primarily work with adults but can work with individuals ages 5 and up. I am LGBTQ+ affirming. I am culturally affirming and culturally humble.  I will  honor you as a unique individual and value your life experiences. 

My Mission: I work to provide the highest quality care to help you find healing, growth and connection through grief counseling.

I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you on your journey!

Allison C Gary - Grief Counseling

I would love to help answer questions you may have about therapy!

How long does therapy take?

It is said that on average individuals are in therapy for about 6 months, sometimes more and sometimes less.  Length of therapy depends on what you want to accomplish and what you are coping with.  We will discuss your individual needs to help determine what is best for your care.

What if I'm unsure about starting therapy?

It is perfectly normal to feel some anxiety about starting the therapy process.  And there is a lot of stigma in our society still about going to therapy.  I will say: not all therapy is the same, and not all therapists are the same.  I personally don't view receiving support as a sign of weakness or brokenness, but that life gets hard sometimes and having a safe space to talk, vent, reflect and share can be helpful. We will proceed at a pace that feels comfortable for you and your needs.

Where is your office located?

I share an office space with Ipseity Counseling Clinic, located in the Glendale/Cherry Creek area of Denver. I only have in-office appointments on Saturdays at this time. And I have the ability for Telehealth appointments so you can attend sessions virtually from the comfort of your own home.



I believe that it is important that you find the right therapist to meet your needs.  I offer a free phone consultation to answer any questions you may have.  If you decide you would like to begin working with me, we'll arrange your intake appointment.  At the intake appointment we will go over paperwork and "dip the toes in" to see if we are a good fit. From there we will discuss your care planning. 

Do you offer a free consultation?
Still have some questions?

Visit the FAQs page to learn more, I have lots of helpful information in there!

How are you handling COVID-19?

The health and well being of all the individuals I work with is my top priority.  If we meet in-person, we will abide by all current regulations required by federal, state, and local authorities.  More details about this can be found here.

For those who aren't comfortable meeting in-person or abiding by those regulations, Telehealth is a great virtual way to still get support but without risk of exposure or the need to wear a mask.

Most insurance companies require a diagnosis for covering care, and grief is not an illness.  I do not feel ethical applying a diagnosis for the sake of billing. Subsequently I keep modest rates to help make sure I'm accessible and can be flexible to your care needs without some of the restrictions that insurance companies have.  Our time together is about your needs, not insurance. In accordance with the No Surprises Act, I will also provide you with a "Good Faith Estimate" at the start of services so that you know what to expect regarding fees.

Why don't you accept insurance?
Covid relevant conversation with link-min.png

It was a pleasure to speak with Lori, Patrick, Marisa and Jenny for the first "Relevant Conversation" episode November, 2021. Take a listen here:

Thank you so much to Colorado Public Radio for connecting with me recently to discuss grief during this pandemic. It was wonderful speaking with May and Sam, and was an honor to be included in this podcast.

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Thank you to Marisa for the wonderful interview for her podcast Live Blissed Out to talk about Grief and the Holidays! Click the image to take a listen.

Articles about Grief and Therapy
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