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Autism Therapy

When your child or teen needs support

Our children and teens experience grief and loss, and sometimes they need therapy support, too.  It can feel hard to know where to start or what to do.  We want to help fix it for them, make sure they are supported and feel successful.  We can feel frustrated when they aren't living to their fullest potential or are slipping at school.  It can feel confusing when we see behavior shifts, a loss of interest in their usual hobbies.

I'm so glad you're looking to connect with the right support for them!

I will learn about your child's environment, communication, emotional regulation and challenges they are experiencing.  They don't always have the ability to talk abut what is bothering them, so we will also explore using play, art, sandtray, and other experiential activities to help them express and explore.  We will work together to determine the best care for your family and your child.

In the state of Colorado, individuals 12 years old and older can consent to their own treatment.  What this means is that they will start signing their paperwork with their adult caregiver and we will also sign a release of information (ROI) to make sure we are care planning as a team.  I strongly encourage minors under the age of 18 to have a trusted adult helping to support them and to be included in care.  I know that this may not always be possible depending on the situation, and I will assess what is appropriate on a case by case basis.

Feel free to review the paperwork in advance!

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